Saturday, July 1, 2017


by William Snyder
© 2017 William Snyder

 “Hello,” I say. “Is this Mr. Sanchez?”
 “Say, are you calling from the school?” he says, sounding awfully darned chipper for 4:30 on a Tuesday afternoon.
“Yes, I am. This is Mr. Snyder, Leroy’s English teacher.”
 “Good afternoon, Mr. Snyder.  What, might I ask, has young Leroy done this time?”
            “Well, he was late for class, and he threw a bunch of rocks. Just pebbles, really. Nailed me in the face. No harm. I think he was aiming for one of his buddies.”
            “Whoah! Nailed his teacher in the face with a bunch of rocks! The kid is totally out of control!”
            “I wouldn’t say that. Will you talk to him about this thing?”
            “No I will not, Mr. Snyder,” he says between chuckles. “No disrespect, but I’ve never seen Leroy in my life. You guys at the school have been calling me for a year now. I keep telling you people you have the wrong number. Gotta tell you, though your Leroy story, throwing rocks at the teacher, is the best yet.”

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